Posted by: midpen | February 23, 2012

Practical Branding for the Smaller Business

A brand is not a name or logo. And it is definitely not advertising. If done properly, it involves and enhances every facet of your company and all product, support and marketing decisions. In fact it helps you quickly focus and plan any project or department, even if you are only a mini brand in a small niche market.

A former systems analyst, Athol was very pleased to discover that branding is not an esoteric or instinctive feeling about a company or product line, even though some people are intuitively more brand centric than others. More importantly, he has proven it is not about spending money, but about the consistent and practical directed use of existing communications funds. Plus, of course, properly managing your outside agencies and advisors so that every customer of yours gets the same message about the brand promise.

Athol will be speaking to the MPPA on March 20, 2012 in Palo Alto. Sign up now for a seat at

Come see why branding is not just for big consumer companies. Learn how to find, preserve and promote your brand values, as well as how to properly document, evaluate and score all your brand touch points. Using charts and figures from his book, Athol will show you how to systematically do these exercises, as well as your own professional brand analysis.

All attendees will receive a free print copy of Athol Foden’s book Brighter Branding: Best Practices for the Smaller Business. And don’t forget, a brand is the most important search engine optimization technique in the world.

Bio: Athol Foden is a former computer science propeller head who became a high tech sales and marketing executive. Along the way his fascination with marketing, branding and naming turned into a new career as a branding consultant. Today he is even more specialized as the  president of Brighter Naming, Silicon Valley’s full service professional naming agency. For many years he was a popular lecturer for UC Extension because of his unique aptitude for making complex soft skills systematic, fun and easy to comprehend. Other titles by Athol include Brighter Names and Brighter SEO.


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