Posted by: midpen | April 18, 2013

I’m on Facebook: Now What? is Updated by MPPA Speaker

Rachel MeliaRachel Melia, a social media consultant that has lectured to MPPA in the past, and who has worked directly with my business and several others, has joined authors Jason Alba and Jesse Stay to update and release a new edition of the popular Facebook marketing handbook,” I’m on Facebook: Now What?”. The new, Second Edition of this book is packed with new info about how to get the most out of Facebook as you seek to market your business.

“A lot has changed since the original book was written in 2008. At that time, Facebook had 70 million users (compared to the behemoth at the time MySpace, which had 200 million users).  Now Facebook has over 1 billion users.  Facebook not only leads in number of users, but also time on the site, making it an incredibly important place for organizations to be. In the second edition of  I’m on Facebook — Now What??? we teach organizations of all sizes everything they need to know to be successful on Facebook.  Some topics include how to get started with a Facebook Page, how to create engaging content that meets overall objectives, how to build community, how to create successful ad buys and promotions, how to measure success, and how to use Facebook applications and plugins.”, new co-author, Rachel Melia said.

When I asked a business owners group meeting last week, “How many of you are on Facebook?” every hand in the place went up. It was a gratifying demonstration of the power of social media to get the word out on important SMB marketing tools. But in conversations with individual business owners after the meeting, it was obvious that most of them were not taking full advantage of the new power of the platform.

When I asked Rachel about this, she confirmed my observation. Although setting up a Facebook for business account is free, Facebook success takes a little effort and investment (besides the $19.95 for the book!). I asked Rachel if she had any tips.

“Small businesses need to develop a Facebook strategy and create content that maps back to their overall goals.  For example, if the business is a small bakery with the goal of bringing customers in the door they can post pictures of their delicious looking bakery items daily.  Or if the business is an architecture firm they can post pictures (or a picture with a link to a blog article) of the latest amazing house they finished. If the business wants to build their email list they can do a giveaway with a highly relevant prize. And it’s also important to know that it takes ongoing promotion to grow a page (promotion to current list, Facebook ad buys, or giveaways) and ongoing management to create a thriving community.”

cover of I'm on Facebook, 2nd editionYou can buy the book on Amazon (paperback and electronic formats)

Or directly from the publisher for slightly less directly from the publishers

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