About Midpeninsula Professional Alliance and Special Offers for Members

Who are We?

The Midpeninsula Professional Alliance is a non-profit professional group, composed of members from the San Francisco Peninsula area. Members are connected by a common interest in excellence in business development, marketing, and sales process. They meet monthly for presentations from speakers, review of books relevant to their interest, and professional networking. Membership is open to all who attend at least one meeting as a paid participant.

Special Offers for MPPA members

From time to time, members of MPPA will create special purchase opportunities for other members to purchase products and services at a discount. These offers are maters of business between members, and MPPA in no way profits from any commercial transactions between members. Listings of these offers are a FREE service of this blog site in 2008. We reserve the right to charge for advertising special offers in future years.

Below are the special offers currently available to MPPA members:


Offered by Anne Knight of Knightwrite Communications (www.knightwrite.net)

Anne Knight, Freelance writer and Editor
As I writer and editor, I know how important first impressions are. I am an expert at helping you and your company put your best foot forward.  I have been improving written communications, and enhancing company marketing efforts for the last 15 years, and I know I can help you with your written communication challenges.
To introduce myself, and give you a “sample” of my professional service, I am offering MPPA members a FREE evaluation of their LinkedIn Profile. I will review your existing profile on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com) and give you my recommendations for improvements in a phone conversation. Contact me now to take advantage of this offer:  knightwrite@comcast.net
This offer has a market value of $100 (my hourly rate) and expires December 30, 2008.


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