Posted by: midpen | February 21, 2013

How does a business know what to Do Next on the WEB?

Expanding your digital footprint is key to success on the WEB

Your Digital Footprint is not just your website!

I recently did a search for one of my clients, by name. I found 6 postings, all on the first page. Two were directories, one was a corporate website, and the rest were listings from social media. The blog that I had helped him create, and created great content for, was on page 3. Should he have invested in a blog?

The secret of superior placement in search results is a ‘black box” to most of us. I have talked about it previously, but suffice it to say there are many ways to get there. However, getting found by prospects, customers and referral sources is a need that all of us recognize and share. And it requires investment and a plan. If you are going to invest in a better online presence, what will be your guiding plan? Assuming you can’t (and should not) do everything at once, what is the NEXT thing you should invest in?

Come to breakfast and find out.

Ten volunteers will submit their URLs for analysis in advance of the meeting. We will search the WEB for mention of their businesses and present our results, together with suggestions for incremental investment in better placement, better visibility and a pathway to making WEB investment pay off.

Randy Steyer of Get Found SEM

Randy Steyer, MPPA breakfast presenter

“The secret to better visibility on the WEB, getting found by customers, prospects and referral sources, is partially website enhancement. But of far more importance is investment in “off page” presence – things like LinkedIn, Facebook for Business and YouTube.” says Randy Steyer, President of GetFound, and our presenter for this meeting.

Register now for your spot at this unusual breakfast session at About 7 days prior to the meeting, we will offer 10 preregistrants the chance to have their business’s online presence plotted and analyzed. We’ll present our findings and our step by step suggestions for incremental improvement in their “digital footprints” to everyone at the meeting.

By the way, if you can’t wait for the meeting, and need immediate advice on your WEB investment, you can get our help immediately.

Hope to see you at breakfast in Palo Alto, CA on the 19th of March at 7:30AM. Remember, Preregister at above to ensure your spot.

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