Posted by: midpen | March 5, 2013

Mark Stiving to offer One-Day pricing course with Limited Enrollment

Mark Stiving, Pricing Consultant

Stiving to offer 1 day pricing course

Fortunes of companies, big and small, depend on their strategic pricing decisions.  Those with the responsibility for recommending pricing policy – Product Managers, In-house Pricing Experts, and even Owners (in Entrepreneurial ventures) are expected to know what to do, or have the answers just in time. But where do smart people go to find the specific and detailed answers they need, when they run up against a pricing conundrum? They turn to Consultants and Thought Leaders like Dr. Mark Stiving.

Author, University lecturer, Key Note speaker, and “pricing knot unraveler” Mark Stiving collects a paycheck 9-5 M-F, just like many of the rest of us. But in his free time he focuses his attention on the needs of a large community of Marketing Professionals, Business Owners, and Professional Services Professionals who are attempting to understand their markets, and craft a winning pricing strategy for their businesses.

His recent book “Impact Pricing: Your Blueprint for Driving Profits” and other syndicated writing is popular with readers of Entrepreneur Magazine and companies, large and small.  Many of you may have attended his free lecture at MPPA in Palo Alto, CA in 2011.

Special Pricing Workshop by Mark Stiving

Marketing mangers and Entrepreneurs have attended Mark’s 2-day courses on pricing, sponsored by many companies and dedicated to the needs of their employees. But time and time again, attendees have asked for a 1-day intensive course, focused on general principles, with ready-to-use information.  The good news is that Mark has created such a course, and is offering it on March 30, 2013 from 9-5 , in Sunnyvale, CA. At this writing, there are only 10 seats available.

Pricing for Entrepreneurs and Product Managers

Pricing is about so much more than setting a price.  When you understand pricing you will have a clearer focus on your customers and markets.   When you understand pricing you will develop a product portfolio that extracts more value.  When you understand pricing you will confidently manage your product life cycles.

This full-day seminar provides you with a strong foundation in pricing and then helps you use price to understand your own customers, products, and offerings.  Throughout the day you will practice pricing exercises on your own offerings after which you will see your business from a new and extremely valuable perspective.  You will leave knowing how to create and capture more value in your business.

You Will Learn

  • Pricing strategy vs. Corporate strategy
  • How costs matter (it’s not what you think)
  • How customers think about price and value
  • Value Based Pricing
  • Price segmentation vs. Market segmentation
  • Pricing product portfolios
  • Creating profitable product portfolios

You can go here to attempt (if there is still space available) to register and prepay for one of these 10 seats for this special, never offered before program.

The cost is just slightly less than $150 for every hour of instruction. All attendees are guaranteed significant 1:1 time with the instructor.

Will it be hard for attendees to justify such an investment in “professional education?” Mark doesn’t think so:

“Math easily shows that a 1% improvement in pricing can lead to 10% or more increase in profit. The information learned in this class should easily improve any company’s pricing by at least 1%. ” said Stiving.

“Further, all attendees will receive a copy of the material presented and a workbook of exercises to anchor the principles.” Stiving said.

Wait, wait, — there’s MORE!

As a reader of this blog, and a “friend” of the Midpeninsula Professional Alliance (and Service for Profit LLC), Mark has graciously offered to give our readers a discount on enrollment for this course. Use this “coupon code” when you register and prepay for your seat in Mark’s course, and save $250!


By the way, if you don’t already have Mark’s book, Impact Pricing: Your Blueprint for Driving Profits, click here, and then click on the red box at the top of the page,  and we will send you a sample chapter, courtesy of Service for Profit LLC and the Author.

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