Posted by: midpen | June 7, 2012

So you Want to be an Author? Secrets Revealed

Evie Preston to share her experience of publishing. Secrets Revealed!

Want to be an author? Even without Oprah, there’s something about being published—cachet, confidence, achievement… a decided step-up on the professional ladder. However, to paraphrase the famous wit, Dorothy Parker, everyone likes the idea of writing, but most people would prefer to “have written!”

Let me tell you how to publish your first book, whatever the topic, painlessly and without going broke!   I’ll address the 3 main reasons that keep people from sharing their special stories, accumulated wisdom or instructive experiences:

1. I have no time to write a book;

2. I don’t know how to organize my thoughts;

3. I have no money to pay for the process.

And sometimes, there’s this one:

I wouldn’t  know how to promote a book after I wrote it.

Many of you know that I worked in the financial field and was successful helping many clients, especially teachers, plan for their retirements.  However, my climb up the learning curve was perilous, humorous and enlightening, all of which she was determined to share with others.

About 5 years ago I published my Memoir, Memoirs of the Money Lady and began my adventure in publishing.  Come and let me entertain you with the details of my “publishing journey”. Find out how to get started on your book project, avoid some major pitfalls, sail through the editing process, and score big with a valid promotional strategy. You can expect her to help you chart the most efficient course toward writing your own book and bringing it to market.

“There are so many alternatives now. I know how to write a book without spending too much money, time or even without fully knowing in advance what to write about!”

Join me at The Bay Café Restaurant, 1875 Embarcadero Real, Palo Alto, CA on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 7:30 AM. All who register will receive a copy of my book.

As always, you can reserve your seat for my talk at or by calling Tom Pencek at 650-799-7261.

Bio of Speaker

During the past twenty five years, Evie Preston enjoyed several forays into the business world from starting a fresh soup business via store-to-store marketing to providing financial services in real estate, insurance and securities, generating clients through calls, seminars and referrals. In her last life, she taught high school, wrote a series of personal articles for the Palo Alto Weekly, was a Redbook “Young Mother” and published/co-authored newspaper and magazine articles. Today she is a speaker and writer with a regular financial column in Active Over 50 magazine, and articles in Parenting on the Peninsula. Of course, Evie plans to publish again!

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