Posted by: midpen | June 15, 2011

Lead Generation Short Cuts: Using Public Sources for B2B Lead Generation

Monday morning in Silicon Valley starts the same way it does everywhere—with a blank slate. Last week’s leads and successful engagements can’t fill tomorrow’s coffers.  Where are your leads coming from this week?  According to Tiago Moules, many of them could come from published sources—for example, from The Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal.

“Each week most businesses can find many leads that can be converted into customers by careful reading of The Journal,”  says Moules, who leads a workshop on this topic for the MPPA group on June 21st.  Similar in scope to lead-generation seminars sponsored by local Chambers of Commerce, the 1- hr program identifies key sections of the paper that offer rich sources of leads and explains how you can scan the paper with leads in mind.

To test this proposition, I looked at the latest issue of The Journal. On the front page of the June 10th issue were the following “sectional” headlines:

  •  Focus: Construction
  • Mountain View fast tracks tech growth
  • Tesla zones in on trade
  • Pau gets a new shot on Sunnyvale Project
  • Small Business:  SnapLogic

When I scanned these articles, I found good leads for a variety of professional services—everything from commercial real estate representation to facility improvement to marketing and interior design.  And that was only off the front page!

Certain sections of the paper compile public records that contain data for which you would have to pay to obtain from other sources.  For instance, you can quickly learn what new business licenses and new building/remodeling permits have been granted. Some of those new businesses may require such professional services as those provided by accountants, lawyers, marketers, and caterers. Owners of new of remodeled buildings may be receptive to hearing from interior designers, purveyors of office equipment, telecommunications providers, etc.

The good news is that every subscriber to The Journal gets access to the electronic edition at no additional cost. I used tools like E-grabber ( to select potential leads and contacts and import them directly into my contact management tool.

Tiago promises to give us a great workshop.

How to identify new prospects and pull qualitative leads

• Tips for more powerful networking

• Resources for seeking out new networking opportunities

• How to utilize social networking(LinkedIn) for your business

• How to identify and benefit from growth indicators

• Unique techniques for warming up cold leads

• How you can create new opportunities by thinking outside the box

Come and learn some short cuts to lead generation, be introduced to the best-of-breed tools for small business marketing, and network with other small business owners and sales managers. Join us for breakfast at 7:30AM at Scott’s Seafood Restaurant in Palo Alto,  on June 21, 2011 by pre-registering at

As a special offer to MPPA readers, here is a specialeventoffer reduced rate subscription offer to the Business Journal.

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