Posted by: midpen | April 14, 2011

Your Fortune is in the Follow Up!

Heidi Sloss speaker at MPPA

Heidi Sloss

Do you have a stack of business cards sitting on your desk collecting dust?

Want to learn how to make the contact information on those cards work for you?

Do you attend networking events but don’t feel that you are get enough out of them?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will want to learn how to put together a follow up system that works for you. Learn the in’s and out’s of an effective follow up system as Heidi BK Sloss, business coach and motivational speaker, shares her tips, tools and techniques that every business owner need to know for making the most of the contacts they have now and for the future.

Many of us know what we ‘should’ do with the leads and referrals we receive, so what prevents us from following up? For some it is having a system in place, and for others it is about the time, money and fear factors that get in our way. Heidi’s presentation will show you how to overcome your barriers and employ the benefits of a follow up plan that will lead you to a higher prospect to client conversion rate.

I asked Heidi for just ONE hint that would help our readers now. Here’s what she said:

“People don’t buy when you want them to buy, they buy when they are ready. And they buy from someone they feel a connection to.

The purpose of following up is to be that person and be there when they are ready.If you have been consistent with your follow-up, then when your prospects are ready to take action, you will get the sale.”

A follow up system that connects you to your prospects meaningfully will make the difference between “knowing someone” and becoming their service provider. Learn how at our next breakfast meeting.

Register NOW for one of the few remaining seats at:

See you on Tuesday,  May 17th, at 7:30AM in Palo Alto, CA. We meet at Scott’s Restaurant at Town and Country Village on El Camino Real.

About our Speaker

Heidi BK Sloss has been leading and inspiring people for more years than she would like to admit. As a serial entrepreneur, Heidi has run successful businesses in the fields of marketing, manufacturing, direct sales, real estate and more. Heidi specializes in helping business professionals think entrepreneurially so that they can achieve more powerful results. Heidi’s focus is on helping entrepreneurs create marketing and sales strategies that lead to success.

Heidi is the author of the soon-to-be-released book; Fortune is in the Follow Up, 5 POWER Strategies to Grow Your Business.

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