Posted by: midpen | February 7, 2011

The Ever-Useful Business Card in the Digital Age

Remember the “Beam” function on your Palm V? It allowed you to transfer my contact information to another Palm Device what was set up to receive. No need for business cards! Funny thing though – I almost never used that function, preferring instead to get and pass along small pieces of cardboard with printing or engraving on both sides.  Even today printers of my acquaintance report that their volume of orders for business cards remains steady, slowly increasing with the tempo of economic activity. Why is the business card so successful a business tool? How will it change in the years to come, and what should you be doing to get more out of your investment in this marketing collateral?

Technology consultant and productivity specialist John Waller will brief us on new ways that the old time business card is enhancing our business, and inform us about “helper applications” that we should consider to get the most out of this tool.

  • Are you using both sides of the card for content?
  • Do you have all the necessary contact info on your card (including social media addresses)?
  • Have you made any special concessions to people who might be using your card with Smartphones (like adding QR codes to the back of the card)?
  • What is the best kind of scanner & software combo to use for capturing BC information and using it?

Join us for a great Discussion at MPPA on Tuesday, Feb 15th at 7:30AM. be sure to Pre-register so we have an accurate count. As always, you can buy breakfast, or just a beverage.


About our February 2011 Presenter

John Waller, Area VP, The On Hold Experience

John has been involved in technology since 1987. He started out in alpha numeric pagers, cell phones and digital pagers. He sold headset for over 13 years, and currently markets on hold messaging for businesses.

John founded the Silicon Valley Palm Users Group, worked for Palm as a trainer, and lectures frequently on productivity for small business.  He is currently writing a book on “How to be More Productive in the New Millennium”.

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