Posted by: midpen | December 23, 2010

30 Minutes a week can Double your Search Engine Presence

Randy Steyer of Get Found SEMSpecial Thanks to Randy Steyer, of GetFoundSEM for preparing and delivering the MPPA presentation this month: What Can be Done in 30 Minutes a Week to Double Your Search Engine Presence.

We all know that SEO (search engine optimization) is a technical solution to getting better placement for your business in organic search results. But it costs several hundred dollars a month and needs continuing investment. Are there other things small businesses can do to get more viability on Google and other search engines? Randy says “YES”, and tells us how, using some simple to use social media tools.

Ignoring the competition.  With social media, it’s easy to track your competitors. There are media tools to help you stay abreast of their activities; for example you can track your competitors by using sites such as TweetBeep and Google Alerts to receive auto alerts each time your competitors are mentioned on-line,

Ignoring what your customers say about you. “The customer is always right” has no better application than on social media channels. A negative comment about your company can identify an important gap in your services or performance. Some businesses are wary of responding to customer complaints in public forums, but demonstrating that you care enough to reach out and fix a problem can showcase your business in a positive light.

Arguing on social medial channels. Your brand can be judged not only by the fact that you responded to a customer, but also by how you responded. Arguing with a customer, especially in pubic, is a losing battle. Remain professional and unemotional.

Failing to live up to promises and commitments. If you promise a customer on Twitter or a blog that you will handle a matter, make sure you do so. Dropping the ball in a public way only creates negative consequences. Social media can make customer issues more complex because you now must monitor more places where customer may be discussing you brand or airing an issue. but it’s worth the effort.



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