Posted by: midpen | November 3, 2010

Selling Yourself

Carol Costello, Author and Sales Trainer

Carol Costello, Sales Trainer and Author of The Soul of Selling

“I can sell for other people, and I can sell any product in the world—but don’t ask me to ‘sell myself!’”

For consultants, coaches, and many other professionals, the idea of “selling ourselves” can make us feel uncomfortable. We know we have something terrific to offer the world, but saying so, we fear, will sound boastful. We were taught never to brag, and some of us were even discouraged from ever talking about ourselves.


Negative inner voices mental chatter about selling often goes on steroids when we think about “selling ourselves.”This is what some of my clients have told me:

  • “I can’t stand to be rejected—and I shouldn’t have to do this anyway.”


  • “Selling is even more manipulative and sleazy when I’m selling myself. I don’t want people to think of me like that.”


  • “I have no idea how to make the ‘ask’ or close, let alone handle objections.”


I’d like to share with you two of the tips I offer for selling yourself in my book, THE SOUL OF SELLING (


1. When people accept or reject when you offer, they are not “accepting” or “rejecting” you; they are choosing about a particular gift, ability, service, or offering that you represent. Consequently, don’t take “no” personally.

2. Some people think of the sales conversation as a face-off in which someone “wins” and someone “loses.” You win if someone else buys! Instead, imagine standing side-by-side with another person, viewing together what you offer. You might even hold the offer at arm’s length, so both of you can consider it together. Remember, it’s not you. You are just coaching this person about whether the offer is right for him or her at this particular time. Either way is fine; you’re just the coach.


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