Posted by: midpen | October 13, 2009

The Philosphy of Lead Generation — MPPA Nov 2009 program

Service Businesses have a particularly tough task — how to make sure that you have a pipeline of customers always ready to purchase your service? For many businesses, the solution is to invest in all types of lead generation programs.

While lead acquisition is important, I have come to believe (and advise my clients) that it is only one of a collection of strategies that, implemented together, will impact their bottom line. In addition to identifying potential customers, service businesses in particular, need to focus on scoring their leads, nurturing those that are not ready to buy now, and getting realistic about the other factors that influence eventual conversion to paying customer status. I call all of these elements, The Philosophy of Lead Generation, and I will be telling all how to become sensitive to them, and implement an integrated program to the betterment of your bottom line.

Please use this link to pre-register and prepay for the meeting (November 17, 2009) with either full breakfast ($17.95) or Beverage only ($5.95)

Tom Pencek Presents, The Philosphy of Lead Generation, at MPPA Nov

Tom Pencek Presents, The Philosphy of Lead Generation, at MPPA Nov


Tom Pencek brings more than 20 years of experience in sales, sales management, service development, and marketing to satisfying the needs of his clients. He has worked for several of the biggest names in computer manufacturing, founded two companies of his own, and for a decade been engaged in the biomedical area. Recently, he was awarded a Service Marketing Professional Certification by Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA). Technically trained in the Midwest (Marietta College, Biology) and New England (Boston University, Scientific Writing), he also brings real-world experience that testifies to the value of clear communication in the service marketplace.

Tom has helped technical and non-technical clients alike ferret out key customer needs and guided the creation of profitable and trust-building service programs to meet them.

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