Posted by: midpen | April 15, 2009

My Style/Your Style: Secrets to Connecting With Customers of All Kinds

screen shot from Disc Sales Profile Inventory beth-weisberg-bio-sizeHave you ever sat down with a potential customer and given a knock-out presentation, only to get the sense that you just weren’t getting through?

As entrepreneurs/business owners we’re called upon to wear many hats, and often “salesperson” is the least comfortable fit. Yet we all know that we have to be constantly “pitching” our businesses – or we won’t have a business to sell. Even the experienced sales professionals among us come up against situations where things just don’t click: inexplicably that sense of connection with the customer doesn’t happen.

A powerful key to being successful at connecting with all kinds of customers is learning to recognize their different “buying styles” – and to adapt our own “selling styles” to connect better, and close more sales. Case in point: the low-key, cautious personality may be instantly turned off by perceived pressure to make a decision quickly rather than being given time to think it through and come to a decision which doesn’t feel risky.

In this insightful and informative presentation, Beth Weisberg took us through a rundown of common selling styles and buying styles, and offer some strategies for identifying what different types of customers want to know (or feel) before they’ll buy, what can turn them off, and what approach we can adopt to satisfy their unique needs.

Beth is the owner of Workplace Essentials, a consulting firm dedicated to equipping individuals with essential skills to boost their effectiveness in the workplace and jumpstart their careers, as well as providing organizations of all types and sizes with tools to improve team effectiveness and quality of outcomes. She has worked with organizations large and small, from start-ups and non-profits to public agencies and Fortune 100 “Best Companies to Work For”; presented hundreds of high-impact workshops; and coached on a one-to-one basis individuals in a variety of roles from administrative to high level executive, from engineering to sales & marketing. She is a frequent presenter to professional groups all over the Bay Area and beyond.

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